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A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar, Human-centred design: What tools to use and when to use them, on 11 July 2018. We hope you found the presentation to be informative and helpful. Below are downloadable tools we spoke of during our webinar, along with some links to helpful blog posts. 

Download webinar recording 

Missed something from the webinar or weren't able to attend? You can download a recording of the webinar by clicking the download recording button below. 

Download tools

Below are digital versions of the tools we mentioned in our webinar.

This is our empathy map.
This is the feedback grid.

Empathy Map

Empathy maps are an extremely powerful tool for understanding a problem. It's a straightforward worksheet that facilitates empathy with your clients, your product or service's end user, or with any other stakeholder in the work you do.

Feedback Grid

The feedback grid is a great tool that allows you to engage with people in a meaningful, useful way. It adds structure to your feedback – giving people the freedom to provide authentic responses. 


Helpful blog posts

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From all of us at Overlap, a sincere thank you for your time and the work you do each and every day. We'd love to invite you to our event in Leeds on 18 September. Please visit our event page to register to attend our engaging event, "How Might We Design a Better Future For Our Kids?"