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Every day, Overlappers use human-centred design methods to help co-design solutions with our clients. Through useful exercises like facilitation, card workshops, and empathy mapping, we help our clients better understand their problems and achieve better outcomes.

By learning the fundamentals of human-centred design (also known as design thinking), your team will develop the capacity to build better products, services, organizations, and systems. Below are a few course options for you and your team to consider.


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The Design Track


Crash Course in Human-Centred Design

So, you’ve heard of human-centred design, but are curious about how it works. In this 90-minute introductory course, we’ll familiarize participants with the ideas and materials central to human-centred design. Learn about the design cycle, the tools used to support each stage of the cycle, and the set of activities that propel teams to achieve better outcomes. This course is designed for people who want to explore what human-centred design is about.


Introduction to Human-Centred Design

Curious about human-centred design? Looking for a new way to solve some of your toughest challenges at work? This 3-hour workshop introduces key concepts—such as problem definition and prototyping—and go-to methods—such as empathy mapping—with hands-on design exercises. You'll work through each stage of the design cycle—applying human-centred design methods to help solve a sample problem. This course is designed for people who want to pick up the essentials of human-centred design and learn how they can apply design methods to their work to achieve better outcomes. 


Master Class in Human-Centred Design Series

Learning about human-centred design is great but putting it into practice can seem overwhelming and scary. We offer three different streams in our Master Class in Human-Centred Design that make becoming a practitioner less scary. In these full-day workshops, we’ll start with an overview of human-centred design. We’ll then learn about the methods used in each stage of the design cycle. Finally, and depending on the stream, we’ll learn how to generate new and useful ideas, manage a meeting using the ORID framework, or lead a card workshop. Below are the three streams:

  1. Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Creative Collaboration

  2. Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Facilitation

  3. Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Group Decision-Making

The Master Class series is great for those who want to learn how to become a human-centred design practitioner.

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