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Master Class—Design Thinking Introduction

Design Thinking Introduction is part of our Master Class series of hands-on experiential workshops meant to provide you with the skills to lead.

Overlap helps make things matter. Using our unique approach to learning, you gain practical tools and techniques that you can use immediately when you get back to work. Overlap's Master Class series is meant for leaders, change-makers and doers. Our Master Classes give you practical tools, skills and techniques at an advanced level so that you can actually do the work.

Design Thinking Introduction

Learn to apply this new and complementary approach to problem solving by working through an applied Design Thinking process.

Every day we face more and more problems we've never seen before, and continue to battle others that have been around for decades or longer. It can feel overwhelming and frustrating trying to make progress using stale tools and methods that just don't fit the people, problem, or scope. Design Thinking offers a complementary and alternative approach—it puts the needs of people experiencing a problem at the core of the process so that we can design solutions that address their real needs and problems. Popularised by IDEO, Design Thinking grew out of more traditional design practices such as graphic and industrial design, and applies this way of working to complex social problems. 

This Master Class workshop is fun and engaging, while helping you develop a deep understanding of Design Thinking and how to apply it to your work. Throughout the day, you'll work through the Design Thinking process from start to finish using a sample problem. You'll learn to use a collection of simple and powerful tools that will be immediately applicable to your everyday work. This will allow you to feel the value of this approach first-hand, and gain exposure to trouble-shooting techniques and best practices. 

Participants leave with an Overlap workbook on Design Thinking, a re-usable empathy mapping poster and a Design Thinking skills and methods card deck.

Lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Master Class workshop you will know how to:

  • Complete an analysis of the stakeholders involved in the problem
  • Use empathy mapping to understand end-user needs and experiences
  • Analyse end-user needs to identify opportunities and problems that can be improved
  • Generate many new and useful ideas that address the problems you identify
  • Prototype your idea so that it can be tested 
  • Gather constructive and actionable feedback on your ideas
  • Speak the language of Design Thinking with your colleagues
  • Decide which tools will get you the results you're after
  • Use practical tools immediately


  • Learn from the leading design thinking company in Canada
  • Experience Overlap's unique approach to practical learning
  • Experiment with tools and techniques in a safe space
  • Work through an applied Design Thinking process so you can see first-hand the value of this approach
  • Understand how to apply Design Thinking to your everyday work 
  • Collaborate in experiential learning with diverse participants and expand your network
  • Understand how these tools are applied to real problems across Canada


Learn by doing as you work through a Design Thinking process from start to finish using a sample problem. See how and when to apply different tools in order to achieve the results you're after. Build your understanding by discussing your experiences through guided conversation with fellow workshop participants.


Anyone who wants to learn a complementary and alternative way of working that will help you produce better person-centred outcomes.  This workshop is strongly recommended for anyone working to provide products or services, especially in healthcare, business, and public good organisations. 


A hands-on practical learning experience with tools and worksheets, as well as facilitation notes and guides for individual and group work. You will work with fellow participants to learn together using practical tools and techniques that you can bring back to work the very same day.

This Master Class will give you the necessary skills and tools to reframe a project or problem in a way that is person-centred and gets you to new and useful solutions.   

Exceptional experience. Developed fantastic relationships. Learnings were instantly useful the next day. Want to keep learning and practicing!
— Carol T., Master Class—Design Thinking Introduction participant
Later Event: November 2
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