Designing a better future with you


No matter who you serve or what space you work in, Overlap can help you and your team get to better. With you in the driver’s seat, our team can help you reframe any challenge from the perspective of those closest to a problem. When we work together, new insights and possibilities emerge. We help your team use these insights to make decisions and work through challenges.


What We Do

Organizational Design
For people-serving organizations, we believe setting strategies and goals shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Together, let's imagine and develop your organization's future with the people you serve at the table and top of mind. We involve the people at the centre of your purpose as we co-design your organization’s strategies, all the way from planning to delivery.

Perfect for organizations/companies that need:

  • a strategic plan that acknowledges and responds to the needs of our community

  • a business plan that accounts for a changing and uncertain future

Transformation Design
Tough problems within a complex system are often called “wicked” problems. Making headway on these challenges can feel like an impossible task.

For wicked problems without a clear answer, we work together to navigate them with a system-wide view. Alongside your team, Overlap brings a fresh perspective and explores all elements of a system that contribute to big issues. And we find ways to include the people who are closest to the problems, who can shed light on how to better navigate complexity.

Perfect for organizations/companies that need:

  • to make Canada the best place in the world to grow up

  • to inspire behavioural changes to reduce winter salt use in our region

  • to understand and find solutions to child poverty in our community

Experience Design
The experience of moving through a service or a system significantly impacts a user’s outcomes. If a service is hard to navigate, chances are the user won’t get what they’re looking for. Worse yet, attempting to move through a fractured system can be unpredictable or prompt harmful experiences.

Whether your stakeholders are accessing life-saving healthcare, seeking resources at the library, or using a digital platform, we’re here to help make that experience better.

Perfect for organizations/companies that need:

  • to make mental health care easier to access for our students

  • to hold an inspiring event that solicits meaningful feedback from our stakeholders

  • to make our digital services simple to navigate


How We Do It


Design Research
We talk to people who have a unique perspective of a problem and need to be part of thinking through solutions. Talking to real people rather than assuming what their needs are grounds our work in empathy.

At Overlap, empathy is at the core of how we work. Building empathy into our work together means that your organization will grow—with your stakeholders at the heart of your solutions.

We’ve all been in meetings where we spin our wheels and there’s no clear next steps. These frustrating sessions rarely help us make progress.

An Overlap facilitation achieves the opposite. We work with you to help your team have the most productive conversations possible. Using consensus-based group discussion methods, our workshops ensure that everyone is able to reach agreement, learn from each other, and build new ideas.

Strategic Foresight
What will the future hold? We can’t know for sure, but we can work to understand how the present might influence what’s next.

Using Strategic Foresight, we explore alternative futures. Then we create strategies for today that can build your organization’s resiliency against a variety of possible outcomes.

Inclusive Design
Who’s not in the room? What voices aren’t being heard? Together, we’ll work with you to determine who’s missing and really needs to be part of the project. We build inclusivity into the project to ensure the people who are hardest to reach have a seat at the table and can be a part of designing the solution.