Helping you and your team get unstuck 


Your work is full of complex and unpredictable challenges, and sometimes your go-to methods don’t hold up as well as they should. Using proven approaches—including human-centred design and agile project methodology—we’ll increase you and your team’s confidence and capacity to work through tough problems.

You have the subject matter expertise. We provide the tools, processes, and support to maximize your impact—all delivered within the convenience of your space. You’re not just solving one challenge; you’re building a team that can solve any challenge that comes their way.


What we do


Innovation Labs
We unite cross-functional teams to address tough problems together. Innovations Labs include hands-on planning and implementation for a dedicated team, as well as capacity building in human-centred design and office hours availability.

Perfect for organizations/companies looking:

  • to find new and better ways to solve problems

  • for weekly, hands-on planning and implementation support for me team

Overlap’s coaches work 1:1 or in small groups with organizational leaders by asking questions and introducing frameworks and exercises to support the achievement of goals. Coaching support may extend to the leadership role, or to the implementation of human-centred design or agile.

Perfect for organizations/companies looking:

  • for support to make sense of and integrate human-centred design tools, processes, and frameworks into their processes

  • to learn more about communication and conflict in order to enhance leadership skills

The Program’s training and development component teaches your team new skills with real-life applications. Your team will learn how to use a human-centred approach to address daily tasks as well as big challenges.

Perfect for organizations/companies looking:

  • for an overview on what human-centred design is all about

  • to learn more about a specific aspect of human-centred design that’s tailored to the needs of the team


How we do it


Implementing creative solutions together
Whether your work focuses on an existing plan or a new challenge, we help you reach your goals from planning to implementation.

We bring in human-centred design and agile methodologies to complement your existing processes and better respond to the needs of your stakeholders.


Tactical training and development
Building your team’s knowledge in human-centred design methodologies will position your organization for success, now and in the future.

Learning about the design process and how to use it is both inspiring and motivating. As a team, you’ll work together and learn from each other as you begin to apply design methods to your work.


Ongoing support in your space
Through every stage, we’re on-hand to support your process and professional growth.

You won’t have to solve organizational challenges alone. As your team tries out new approaches, Overlap provides support through scheduled and on-demand assistance. You will also receive a suite of tools and resources designed to increase your team’s ability to address challenges and achieve your goals.