Our Partners

At Overlap, we care about making a positive social impact in the world by helping organizations bring the people they serve into the decisions they make. While a lot of work is straight fee-for-service, we have a few partnerships where we share in the activities and resources with another organization toward a shared social goal.

Partnerships are one way we are trying to make the world a better place through design, but our work is only getting started. Read about some of our partnerships below.


UNICEF One Youth Canada

One Youth Canada

A better Canada for kids. 

In partnership with UNICEF Canada, we helped design and develop a national movement that has one goal: to make Canada the best country to grow up in.

The data doesn’t lie. Canada is nowhere near being the best country for our children. In fact, Canada currently ranks 25th out of the 41 richest countries in global child well-being. Somewhere along the way, our children became invisible. We’re in a position to turn things around. Canada can do better. And UNICEF Canada hopes we can do so by 2030.

Through our work with UNICEF Canada, we give children a voice by working with them to create innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Overlap’s Kitchener studio is an extension of One Youth by providing space for the children and youth design lab. We regularly host children and youth in design-led exercises to help shape the future of childhood in this country.

Join us in this movement to make Canada the best place to grow up in.  



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