Our services

There are a wide variety of ways to approach a challenge. The following options are examples of how we might combine our services to work with you on a problem. These options aren’t exhaustive, but they demonstrate how we can customize our approach to create a project that’s right for you.


Put people first

The simplest way to improve a product or service is to learn from the people who use it. Check your assumptions by working with our skilled and talented team of designers. We’ll work with you to clarify your challenges, rediscover your stakeholders, and build solutions that will help you achieve growth and success using the following options:

Engagement and Insights
We know the best solutions come from people who know the problem best. We have developed a robust range of engagement techniques—practical, creative, iterative, and flexible—that harness the knowledge and experiences of internal and external stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of system gaps and opportunities. By truly listening to and observing people, we bring insights to the surface and make them matter. As common themes and key points emerge, we organize and present insights so that they may then become the foundation for framing the problem and moving toward action.

Our thoughtful session design and proven facilitation techniques prompt ideas, solutions, and action plans while getting teams excited about new possibilities and directions. Every session we run is custom designed to address a specific focus or problem space. This approach makes it difficult to jump to pre-determined outcomes, breaking down assumptions of the way things are “supposed to be” and instead bringing new perspectives to issues.

Our sessions ask participants to address issues at their root in order to find solutions. This is how we gather rich new insight, which leads to new and different results. Overlap’s approach to facilitation will lead to new ideas founded in the knowledge and experiences of your stakeholders—and working this way will get the people involved reinvested in the most pressing issues and excited about working collaboratively toward the best solutions.


Change the way you work

More complexity and uncertainty can result in unnecessary stress. It’s time to learn a new process to help you and your team navigate through challenging times. Our team of coaches and facilitators can help you discover how human-centred design can change your management style, communication approach, and team processes—all for the better—using the following options:

Capacity Building and Implementation
Capacity building is a critical factor in the success of any implementation. We teach teams new skills and co-design practical tools for their communication and decision making. We collaborate with every client to design the right process for them, then help them bring the key stakeholders into the conversation and teach teams the techniques they need to ask the vital questions, to recognize the most valuable answers, and make the most effective decisions.

Agile Project Management
Overlap approaches each project from an Agile perspective. The Agile philosophy, and the various frameworks that support it, stem from the software development industry. We have worked hard to uncover, articulate, and leverage the value the Agile philosophy offers outside the private sector. We’re excited to be adopting and adapting a new Agile framework to support qualitative research, innovation initiatives, and organizational transformation. The Agile philosophy is based on iterative development.