Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who attended Brock's keynote presentation, Design Thinking: What Is It and How Can It Be Used To Bring About Change. We hope you found the presentation to be informative and helpful. To get you started with design thinking, we've included some free tools for you to download below along with a downloadable version of Brock's keynote presentation.

Download Brock's presentation deck

If you really enjoyed Brock's presentation and would love a copy of his deck, please fill out your name and email address and we will provide you with a link to download a copy of his presentation. 

Download tools

Below are tools you might find helpful as you discover more about design thinking.

How to Use Design Thinking Poster
How to Overlap

How to Overlap: Designing a project approach to tackle complex problems

At Overlap, we understand all of our projects in the context of the Design Cycle. This conceptual framework and trusty resource will help you identify the goals at each stage of the work, determine the scope of the work and the activities involved, and understand how your contribution fits into a larger project.

How to use Design Thinking

Get started today with this handy 'How to use Design Thinking' poster. Follow along and complete each step until you and your team have successfully solved the problem.  

From all of us at Overlap, a sincere thank you for your time and the work you do each and every day. If you'd like to learn more about design thinking tools and how to use them, join us on July 3rd for our webinar, Human-centred design: What tools to use and when to use them.