Research shows that, in communities large and small, public libraries have a strong role in literacy and learning, innovation, community, and prosperity. Through changing times, people have continued to participate in and esteem their libraries. It is hard to name a public institution that has retained such high rates of participation and esteem amid volatility and change.
— Wendy Newman for the former Ontario Ministry of Culture



Community Engagement

Qualitative research that reaches the corners of your community. Data is collected through innovative 'on-the-spot' interactions, creative workshops, and personable, customized online surveys.


Build a strategic plan for your library that thoroughly explores many possible futures for the population you serve. Involve a variety of stakeholders to end up with a bold vision everyone is driven to implement.


Make the most of the time you've set with the group you've brought together. Stay focused on the meeting objectives, and have a little fun while you're getting there. 


What our clients say

You weren’t the safe choice, but your interview made us feel like you were the only choice. We’re convinced now that you could work on Mars—the process is that good.
— Barb Francetto, CEO, Southern Ontario Library Service

Process improvement is far beyond a catch phrase in today’s library sector. It is the critical next step in the evolution of what library services will become to meet increasing financial constraints. While focusing on process improvement is important, it is only part of the picture. It is potentially more important to understand the experience of patrons, not only in their library system, but in their broader life as well. It is through this deeper understanding of the knowledge and resources your community needs, that you can begin to imagine what a new social contract could be with your community at the heart.

When you fully understand needs and experience, you sometimes find that community-centered innovation is simpler than you think. 


You're in Good Company

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