Overlap has worked with numerous Library Systems across the country as they set new strategic directions and improve services. We use qualitative research techniques that can help organizations understand the communities they serve at a deeply insightful level. We ensure all relevant aspects of a library service user’s life can be explored. This allows us to present insights in multiple ways—including powerful first person narratives that bring relevance to the data being analyzed.

Engagement programs are run in three phases:

Kick Off And Planning In this phase we lay a solid foundation for the project by forming a joint team with our clients and identifying key stakeholders, planning communications and setting project milestones.

Research Engagement The goal of the research engagement phase is to develop rich knowledge of patient experience, from the viewpoints of many different stakeholders. Our clients choose three types of engagement activities, from our suite of tools, that best suits the project and patients.

Community engagement is a distinctive type of research. We gather primarily qualitative data and information that is best described with words and summed up with insights. Our unique qualitative research approach makes two key contributions: informing decision-making and designing change.

Insights Reporting What sets Overlap apart is how we bring the content to life for our clients. Collecting data is just the beginning. Our team specializes in synthesizing session and survey findings to identify emerging themes. We sift and study all the session outcomes in order to understand the issues, priorities and opportunities.