"Overlap is a rare place where I can use my design, research, and consultant skills to do work that I care about and has a positive impact on the world around me."

Kyrie Vala-Webb

Senior Designer, Transformation Design

Kyrie's drive to make positive change in the world is reflected in everything she does. In her role, she uses human-centred design and qualitative research to help people get to the root of complex problems. She works with organizations to include the individuals who will be the most affected by a design in the process of designing.  

Kyrie's work is collaborative, creative, and interdisciplinary. She's achieved a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, a minor in Women's Studies, and a Master of Design in Inclusive Design. Her passion for inclusive, accessible design ensures that diverse people are engaged in meaningful ways in the design process–from research to prototyping, to the final product or service.