Overlap is a rapidly growing team at the intersection of social innovation, human-centred design and capacity building. We create exceptional experiences that result in products and services that make things better for people, their organizations and ultimately, the world around them. 

If you really love humans and you are kind, humble, and ready to learn, we'd like to hear from you. Check out the job postings below. 

Open Positions 


Business Development Coordinator


Overlap takes a client-centred approach to business development and relationship building. We are hiring a Business Development Coordinator to support a team that is passionate about sharing human-centred, innovative, and transformative ways of working with organizations across sectors. Our Business Development Team frames problems, designs work according to client needs, and prioritizes organizations that support vulnerable populations and build strong communities.

This is an Early Level Role. Early Level Coordinators play a generalist role on the team, learning different skills and enriching the work by bringing in their own stories and perspectives. You are interested, open to learning, and willing to help out. View the full job description and apply online.


Marketing Manager


Overlappers are inspired by the leaders we work with who are passionate about driving real change for the people they serve. We are moved by the strength and resilience of the people who are at the very heart of the complex problem spaces that we operate within. We find ourselves in the midst of compelling human stories every single day.

We have decided to focus our marketing efforts around Storytelling. We want to surface the stories of the people who are actively driving change in our world. We want to amplify the voices of the people with real-life experiences who bring wisdom and insight into our vast and varied design processes. Overlap’s marketing strategy will develop and distribute the human stories that compel us and galvanize others around the belief that Better is Absolutely Possible. View the full job description and apply online.