Better is Absolutely Possible

Solve your toughest problem.

Get to the right solutions faster using the best approach to problem solving.


Use evidence, not assumptions.

Use an approach where observation and evidence inform decisions, check assumptions and delivers value.


Reduce Risk

User feedback quickly and continuously checks that a service or experience works well for the people who will be using it. Why make something that people may not use?

Save Money

By making small adjustments throughout a project instead of big changes later, costly changes are avoided. This way of working also accelerates buy-in, understanding and saves time, which saves money.

Solve the Right Problems

Talking to users and investigating underlying issues before building a solution focuses efforts on designing a service or experience that meets people’s needs, as well as organizational goals.


How We Can Help



Put people first

The simplest way to improve a product or service is to learn from the people who use it. Check your assumptions by working with our skilled and talented team of designers. We’ll work with you to clarify your challenges, rediscover your stakeholders, and build solutions that will help you achieve growth and success.



Change the way you work

More complexity and uncertainty can result in unnecessary stress. It’s time to learn a new process to help you and your team navigate through challenging times. Our team of coaches and facilitators can help you discover how human-centred design can change your management style, communication approach, and team processes—all for the better.


“Overlappers place the highest value on a process that is driven by the needs and insights of the end user. This uncompromising focus on the person receiving service fuels the passion that staff and decision makers have for making a difference in the lives of people.”

— Fred Wagner, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association WW



From Yikes to Yay: How to Navigate Problems Using Human-Centred Design

Learn about the human-centred design process and how it can be used in different industries to solve problems.


 “How are kids really doing in Canada?”


Train like an Overlapper.

The same internal learning and development we do for our people is now open to you.


Overlap presents:

Better is
Possible Project

The Better is Possible Project is an Overlap Associates initiative that aims to remind us what it means to be human.

Through the power of storytelling, our goal is to share with you stories of everyday people who have overcome life's setbacks and are actively trying to bring about change in their communities.


If you're interested in learning more about Overlap and how we can help you with your toughest problem, reach out!