With Overlap's innovative approach, you will understand the experiences of patients and families allowing you to imagine new ways to deliver services that are patient-centric.

Patient Engagement

Qualitative research that goes where the patients and their families are. Data is collected through innovative 'on-the-spot' interactions, in-depth patient journeys and workshops.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be patient-centric and fully explore the possible futures for the population you serve. Traditional approaches do not allow you to break out of conventional plans.

Patient Experience-Based Design

Design with the patient and their family. Services and experiences are best created co-designing with the people that need to use them. Let us show you how.


Do you go to a lot of meetings? Do you wish they were better? Useful? Productive? A lot of the work that supports change happens in meetings—there's a better way.


What Does Patient-Centred Design look like? 


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Work that connects with what matters

I’m feeling hopeful that this won’t just be another report. [The] study feels different, maybe the outcome will be different. Looking back at reports from 5, 10 years ago, they all say the same thing, and nothing has changed. But I have some hope that this will be different.
— Project Participant

We take our work seriously. We know post-it's and building models can look frivolous or "soft"—and there's nothing further from the truth. Overlap's approach to understanding patient experience, bringing everyone to the table to design solutions and get your hands dirty is the key to unlocking what better looks like. The patients and family members we interact with feel hope after the experience. Staff and leaders feel hope that change is possible. When you treat people like human-beings they respond with passion and enthusiasm. Designing better healthcare should start and end with patients and their experience. Improving the patient experience, designing services with the people that will use them in mind, courageously involving people in the process will make better healthcare. 


Of Qualitative design research across Ontario and Canada

Healthcare Engagement in Ontario

Overlap has interacted with thousands of people across Canada. Here is a breakdown of engagement groups across Ontario.

"Treat me like a whole person"

Overwhelmingly we have heard from patients and their families that they want to feel like they're being treated as a whole person. The numbers in the chart represent the number of statements made by patients in one design study.

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