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Course Overview

Mastering human-centred design is about the other skills required to lead with confidence and drive new solutions to tough problems. Learn the foundations of design facilitation, analysis and synthesis, how to develop deeper insights and create your own visual vocabulary.

  • 1 day

  • Ideal for 10 – 50 people

  • Teams that want to enhance their practice and deepen their expertise

  • Delivered by Overlap facilitator


What you learn

Learn wrap-around skills to fill out our toolbox.

  • Crash-course in design facilitation

  • How to design workshops and meetings to get results

  • What to do with all those sticky notes

  • Creating insights from analysis and synthesis

  • Introduction to using visual language to communicate ideas

What you get

Helpful tools you can use tomorrow.

  • Activity workbook

  • Session design worksheet pad

  • Practice using design facilitation

  • Markers and sketch pad

  • Visual vocabulary cards and customized deck

  • Insights template


Learn from Overlappers

Real designers teaching you the tools we actually use in our work. Learn about some of the people that deliver our courses.


Brock Hart
Co-Founder, CEO

Brock is an award-winning creative director, design strategist and facilitator. He is passionate about the power of human-centered design to make things better for his clients, their customers and stakeholders. His experience includes leading multi-channel national advertising campaigns, system transformation, design strategy, customer research and facilitation of executive and leadership level teams. 


Rachel Hofstetter
Vice President, People & Services

Rachel is a natural coach who inspires people to work collaboratively toward new outcomes, while developing organizational cultures that support continuous learning and innovation. With 20+ years of experience as a senior manager, facilitator, trainer, course developer and account director—Rachel has always valued the importance of empathy and understanding needs as the basis for good decision-making.


Ryan Voisin
Director, Innovation Programs

Ryan blends his background in human-centred design and computer science to coach clients as they engage stakeholders across a variety of organizational initiatives, including IT strategies, healthcare system transformation, leadership development and large change programs. Ryan is an agile coach for Overlap’s clients and monitors Overlap’s internal agile teams.  

This is the best training I’ve ever taken.
— Heather Kerr, Executive Director, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Why HCD: Mastery for your team

  • Learn new ways to facilitate groups for better results

  • Learn critical skills that support leading human-centred design projects

  • Build confidence, deepen knowledge

  • Get hands-on experience in the course

This course will help you

  • Learn how to analyze and synthesize qualitative data into meaningful insights

  • Learn how to use visual communication to support communication and idea generation

  • Design workshops and meetings that get results

  • Be a better facilitator


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