You’ve got great people.
Invest in their skills.

By learning how to use human-centred design, your team will work together better and improve how you navigate complex challenges. By investing in their development, you’re building a better, more successful team that can handle whatever challenge comes your way.


How we can help

Transform Team Dynamics

Bring your team closer together and achieve better outcomes by developing their human-centred design skill set. 

Confidence to Tackle Problems

An increasingly complex world requires a new skill set and courage to tackle your organization’s toughest problems.

New Tools & Methods to Improve Collaboration

Successful teams can get more from each other and thrive despite complexity and increased demands.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

New leadership skills require comfort with ambiguity and an ability to be complex-capable in ways the world has never needed before.


“It gave us the chance to bond as a team and think in a completely different way.”

Ahead Partnership

Design a training day with your team’s needs in mind


Combine any of the following courses with our Introduction to Human-Centred Design course to build your perfect program.

*We recommend starting with our Introduction to Human-Centred Design course because it will provide you with the foundation needed to build confidence in your design practice.


Choose your afternoon course from the list below:

Introduction to Facilitation

Learn how to manage and close meetings in an effective and meaningful way. Using the ORID framework, a method for facilitating focused conversations, you'll help meeting attendees reflect on what they've discussed and learned. This will result in better alignment and understanding. Designed for people who want to increase their competence in presentation and facilitation.

Facilitating a Card Workshop

Learn how to facilitate Card Workshops. What's a Card Workshop? A Card Workshop is a technique used for planning, aligning teams, and achieving buy-in. Overlap uses Card Workshops during activities such as strategic planning, community engagement, and creative collaboration. Designed for people who want to increase their competence in facilitation and collaboration.

Designing for Community Engagement

By seeking feedback from real people, we learn about the needs of the people at the heart of the problem we are working on. Community engagement is an integral part of human-centred problem-solving. This workshop will introduce your team to useful community engagement tools and processes. It will help your team make better decisions and prioritize your work based on what you learn from your community.

How to Be Agile

Agile is an iterative and visual approach to project management. Originally developed in the tech industry, the Agile method allows teams to respond to projects in segments. This course will introduce you to the Agile approach—planning the work, doing the work, and learning from the work—to help your team better respond to change.

Creative Collaboration

Learn the concepts and practice the skills needed for the production of new and useful ideas. We’ll start with solo ideation and then explore how we can bring everyone’s ideas together.


Sample day:

Sample Day

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