Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who participated EQIP sponsored Design Thinking Introduction workshop on February 15, 2017. Your passion and willingness to trust the process was amazing! Bravo!

Connecting with Kerry

For those of you looking to connect with Kerry Manthenga of Stonehenge Therapeutic Community in regards to her Community Withdrawal and Design Thinking project, you can reach Kerry at

Design Thinking Card Deck and Process Cards

At the event we gave away a Design Card Deck and a set of Process Cards.

  • The Design Card Deck includes a set of question prompts for each phase of the design thinking process.
  • Process Cards provide detailed instructions on the process of applying our favourite design thinking methods.

 If you are interested in purchasing either item please let us know.

Download Tools

Below are digital versions of the tools that were provided during the workshop.



Walk through a complete design experience using this workbook. 


Empathy Map

Using an empathy map helps your team to consider the many forces around the people you serve that affect their experiences.


Feedback Grid

Gathering feedback from stakeholders and group members can be quick and constructive. Use this simple tool to collect feedback that you can action. 

From all of us at Overlap, a sincere thank you for the work you do each and every day. Be sure not to forget...

Better is Absolutely Possible!