Crash Course in
Human-Centred Design.

Crash Course in Human-Centred Design

This 90-minute introductory course will familiarize participants with the ideas and materials central to human-centred design. Learn about the design cycle, the tools used to support each stage of the cycle, and the set of activities that propel teams to achieve better outcomes. This course is designed for people who want to explore what human-centred design is about.

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What you’ll learn

  • How design can be applied to complex problems

  • A general approach to each stage of the design process

  • How to use a few core tools that support human-centred design

What you’ll do

  • Collect real information from real people by conducting a structured face-to-face interview using an empathy map

  • Design a prototype to test your best idea

  • Collect meaningful, actionable feedback in order to improve your idea

What you’ll get

  • A human-centred design workbook that describes each stage of the design process. Consider this your reference guide/cheat sheet, complete with helpful background information about the design process and worksheets for you to use during practice.

  • Overlap’s own human-centred design card deck, featuring helpful prompts for each stage of the design process.


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