Master Class—Problem Finding and Solving

Master Class—Problem Finding and Solving


Build on what you have learned in our Design Thinking Introduction and Tools and Skills Master Classes by applying that knowledge to real-life problems. You will practice how to approach problems in your organization, both big and small, with a human-centred framework.

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Design Thinking Introduction is part of our Master Class series of hands-on experiential workshops meant to provide you with the skills to lead.

Overlap helps make things matter. Using our unique approach to learning, you gain practical tools and techniques that you can use immediately when you get back to work. Overlap's Master Class series is meant for leaders, change-makers and doers. Our Master Classes give you practical tools, skills and techniques at an advanced level so that you can actually do the work.

Course Location: Kitchener

Problem Finding and Solving

Learn to use Design Thinking tools and skills by applying them to real-life problems. Practice approaching problems in your organization, both big and small, with a human-centred framework.

Design Thinking offers a complementary approach to existing methods of problem solving. This approach puts needs of those people experiencing a problem at the core of the process, so that we can design solutions that address actual needs and problems.

This Master Class is your opportunity to learn how to apply your knowledge of Design Thinking to actual problems in your organization – whether major organizational issues, daily nuisances, or anything in between.

Participants will leave with:

  • An Overlap Design Thinking Process Card deck
  • Pads of Empathy Maps, Session Design sheets, Problem Brief worksheets, Idea Brief worksheets, Testing Brief worksheets, and Feedback Grids
  • Ideation skills booklet
  • and more! 

Lunch, snacks, and refreshments are provided.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Master Class workshop you will feel confident to:

  • Identify and prioritize organizational problems of various scopes

  • Identify symptoms, factors, and assumptions of various organizational problems

  • Use Empathy Maps to understand the needs and experiences of those affected by an organizational problem

  • Use Journey Maps to understand the needs and experiences of those affected by an organizational problem

  • Generate ideas and possible solutions for tackling problems of various scopes

  • Develop and execute a plan for addressing a major problem that exists in your organization

  • Share plans and methods for solving problems rooted in Design Thinking with your colleagues and stakeholders 


Anyone with a basic understanding of Design Thinking or Human-Centred Design who regularly encounters barriers in trying to solve organizational problems, and wants to take an innovative and human-centred approach to real-life issues in their organization. This workshop is strongly recommended for anyone working to provide products or services, especially in healthcare, business, and public good organizations.

hands-on practical learning experience with tools that can help participants continue to find and solve problems across the scope of their work. Together with the facilitator and fellow participants, you will apply the full Design Cycle to a “small” problem to get familiar with the process. You will then identify a major problem in your own organization, working on a plan to start addressing that problem using a designerly approach that very same day.


  • Learn from the leading design thinking company in Canada
  • Experience Overlap’s unique approach to practical learning
  • Experiment identifying and approaching problems in a safe space
  • Work through an applied Design Thinking process so that you can understand Design Thinking in the context of minor and major organizational issues
  • Understand how to apply Design Thinking to your everyday work
  • Collaborate in experiential learning with diverse participants, and expand your professional network


Build on what you’ve learned in the first two days of the Design Thinking Master Class Series (Introduction and Tools & Skills) and understand how to apply your knowledge and tools to real-life problems in your organization. See how and when to apply different Design Thinking methods to achieve the results you seek. Ask questions of our expert facilitators, and add tools to your Design Thinking toolbox that will help you tackle problems well beyond this session.