Master Class—Design Thinking Leadership

Master Class—Design Thinking Leadership


Learn how to design and facilitate effective group sessions that inspire new ideas and efficiently navigate problems and solutions. Practice applying tools and skills in human-centred design as you lead employees and teams.

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Register for the Full-Day Course: June 13, 2017

Design Thinking offers a foundation for leaders to work creatively and inspire creativity in others. With a human-centred approach that puts real needs at the core of the process, we can lead our teams to design solutions that address stakeholder needs for better results.

This Master Class is your opportunity to learn how to apply your knowledge of Design Thinking as you lead—whether you are facilitating a specific meeting or leading a team on a daily basis.

Recommended Prerequisite: Any Design Thinking Master Class 

Course Location: Kitchener


Participants will practice with tools received in previous session(s) on Design Thinking, such as Empathy Maps, Design Thinking Process Cards, and Essential Ideation Skills booklet. Participants will also receive new materials to add to their toolbox, such as the Session Design worksheet pads.

Lunch, snacks, and refreshments are provided.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Design Thinking Leadership Master Class, you will feel confident to:

  • Design effective meetings and group sessions using a Design Thinking framework
  • Facilitate effective meetings and group sessions using a Design Thinking framework
  • Guide others to use tools and methods rooted in human-centred design in their daily work
  • Enable employees and teams to work creatively
  • Synthesize qualitative data to identify real human needs


Anyone who is eager to adopt an innovative and human-centred approach to leading teams, facilitating meetings, and identifying human needs. This workshop is strongly recommended for leaders in healthcare, business, and public good organizations. We recommend that participants in this course have a basic understanding of Design Thinking or Human-Centred Design and/or have completed a Design Thinking Master Class. 


Hands-on practical learning experience that helps participants understand and build sessions for efficient and effective group reflection and decision-making. Together with the facilitator, you'll learn about frameworks for planning and leading groups of all sizes. You will also practice facilitation methods and synthesizing qualitative data into needs statements that highlight real human needs. Throughout the class, you'll also gain tips on supporting teams to work more creatively on a daily basis.


  • Learn from the leading human-centred design company in Canada
  • Experience Overlap’s unique approach to practical learning
  • Understand how to enable others to work more creatively
  • Understand how to apply creativity and human-centred design as you lead teams
  • Collaborate in experiential learning with diverse participants
  • Expand your professional network


Throughout the session, you'll build your toolbox that will help you design sessions for groups large and small. There will be many opportunities to try out your new tools and skills in a safe space, as well as ask questions of our expert facilitators. If you've taken a previous Design Thinking course with us, you'll build on what you've learned and become more familiar with applying your know-how to group sessions. By the end of the session, you'll be leading others to maximize their creativity.