Foresight Sprint

Foresight Sprint


We've had a huge interest in using foresight to create better strategies and get teams thinking big! We have five week long sprint slots left for 2017. Read up and reserve a spot to start thinking differently about today by exploring tomorrow.


"Our task is not to predict the future; our task is to design a future for a sustainable and acceptable world, and then to devote our efforts to bringing that future about. We are not observers of the future; we are actors who, whether we wish to or not, by our actions and our very existence, will determine the future’s shape."

—Herb Simon

Team Foresight Week

Foresight is a process that asks people to explore possibilities for the future. Foresight helps us to better understand possible futures by understanding current elements and conditions that signal significant future changes. Foresight uses research to determine where there are signals of emergent ideas, technologies, behaviours, influencers, elements, or experiences that will likely have an effect on the future. These “signals” lead to larger trends that are likely to have an impact on the future. Understanding the trends that will affect the future enables the opportunity to create broader foresight scenarios to better understand a more holistic view of what that future state might be like.

How It Works

You join Overlap's foresight team for 5 days of intensive exploration of possible futures connected to your area of focus. Over the course of the week the team explores signals, trends, societal drivers and strategic implications for your team or organization. We encourage you to come to the Overlap studio but you don't need to be in attendance every day. We have designed this experience to accommodate busy schedules with the heavy lifting being done by our foresight team. The final day we explore strategic implications and create a plan for the next 12 months that is tuned to perform best in the changing context of the world around you.

What You Get

  • A trend deck that can be shared and applied across your organization
  • A future landscape based on the most critical trends that affect your team, project, program or organization
  • An understanding of how to plan using foresight
  • A 12-month plan that focuses on execution and performance

Who Is This For?

This is a great opportunity for any team that is struggling with the constant and rapid pace of change around them. Because foresight is future focused, this program is a great opportunity for similar organizations to share the cost and get to work together for collective benefit.

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