Canada 150 Master Class – A Leader’s Job

Canada 150 Master Class – A Leader’s Job


Celebrate Canada 150 by getting to better. A Leader’s Job is a new course offered in our master class series of hands-on experiential workshops for leadership.

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with Dr. Linda Carson, PhD. (limited dates available)

Celebrate Canada 150 by getting to better. A Leader’s Job is a new course offered in our Master Class series of hands-on experiential workshops for leadership.

Your team will learn human-centred design methods through hands-on learning to get better results in your life and work. Using our unique approach to learning, you’ll gain practical techniques and tools that can be used immediately back at work. Overlap's Master Class series is meant for innovative leaders, change-makers, and doers.

Design is no longer a “nice to have” capability. Learn to bring creative problem solving into your organization, apply the design thinking process as a leader, and turn ideas into action. This Master Class will make it possible to empower all levels of your staff as they solve everyday problems. How might you put high impact ideas into practice at work with or without infrastructure, collaborators, or even permission?

“A leader’s job is to engineer the types of conversations that produce epiphanies.”-Susan Scott

In light of this major Canadian milestone, continue to build creativity and empathy in Canada's leaders, on a local and global stage. Human-Centred Design is an approach that puts the needs of people experiencing a problem at the core of the process so that we can design solutions that address real needs. Practicing Human-Centred Design is one thing—leading with it is another. Sometimes when leadership is in the room, they suck all the air out. This 1-day intensive creative workshop is designed to help you as leaders be aware of your impact. How can you foster innovation? How can you make the most of your team dynamics? As a leader, how do you avoid doing harm?

“Loved it. Bolstered my knowledge and capabilities in ideation, which I could use in my broader business…”
“Great tools for everyone, including managers.”

“Excellent and very useful presentation. Great ideas shared that we can use even when we work ‘solo.’”

The workshop will be led by Dr. Linda Carson, Director of Foresight at Overlap Associates. Dr. Carson holds degrees in mathematics, science, fine arts, and a PhD in behavioural and cognitive neuroscience. She is also the Director of the Independent Studies program at Waterloo University and a lecturer in fine arts.

This session is best delivered within an existing leadership retreat or as a standalone “off-site” for leadership.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of A Leader’s Job Master Class, you will know how to lead your team to:

  • Apply high impact human-centred design practices
  • Understand end-user needs and experiences
  • Analyze end-user needs to identify opportunities and problems that can be improved
  • Generate new and useful ideas that address the problems you identify
  • Make decisions on where to start
  • Gather constructive and actionable feedback on your ideas
  • Integrate creative thinking into your workplace
  • Recognize the conditions to promote ideation


  • Celebrate innovation by learning from Canada’s leading design thinking company
  • Experience Overlaps unique approach to practical learning
  • Experiment with tools and techniques in a safe space
  • Understand how to apply human-centred design to your everyday work
  • Understand how tools are applied to real problems across Canada
  • Learn how to apply what you learned as leaders with your teams immediately


Learn by doing as you use a sample problem to work through a design cycle from start to finish. See how and when to apply different tools in order to achieve the results you're after. Build your understanding by discussing your experiences through guided conversation with fellow workshop participants.


Leadership Teams who believe better is possible for their teams. Teams should consider including board members where possible.


A Leader’s Job Master Class will give you the necessary skills and tools to empower others to use creative practice in a way that is human-centred and gets you to new and better solutions.  

$10,000 for teams of 6-10
(please inquire for more options)



Alison Portt

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